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Repayment periods are fixed.
They are open every last week of the month.

Repayment periods correspond to the last 2 weeks of each month.

Like an electronic purse, it will enable you to pay for your purchases simply within the Frigo 16 premises.

 When you arrive on site, go to one of the cashless desks to obtain and activate your card.

  •  Credit your card with the amount of your choice in Carte Bleue or cash.
  •  Pay for your orders at the stands: swipe your cashless card at the payment terminal. Each time you make a transaction, you'll be informed of your account balance.
  •  Reload your card at cashless cash desks at any time, by credit card or cash.

This is a dematerialized payment system used on most Panda Events events. Cashless will be the only way to make your payments.

Simple and refundable :

  • All you have to do is create a cashless account in advance or on site, and credit it with the amount you require,
  • Use your Cashless wristband to pay for drinks, snacks and all your Festival purchases.

There are two possibilities:

  • I've created my account: I'll be given my wristband at the entrance to the event during access control, so I can go straight to refreshment.
  • I haven't created an account: after access control, go to one of the Cashless booths.

Because it's faster: my wristband is already charged and ready to go, so I can go straight to the bar. It's also more practical: I can see the details of my consumption directly on the app, and I can top up my account just in case! What's more, it's totally secure, since I can deactivate and replace the bracelet if it's lost or stolen.

No! it's 100% free - I only pay for what I use, with no management fees.

Your card is valid for all the season's events, but as soon as you make a refund request your card becomes totally unusable.

The cashless card is the only method of payment on the Frigo 16 site. You'll need it to pay for your drinks at the bars, food outlets and stands.

No, it is not possible to combine several credits remaining on different cards into a single card. 

Your Cashless card is an electronic wallet. It is not linked to your bank account. You cannot be debited for more than the amount you have credited to it!

Simply create your cashless account in the tab on the right and follow the instructions!

For more information click here

In general, it takes between 3 and 4 weeks for your refund request to be processed.

No, refunds are only available from our website, we do not refund cards "on the spot".